Whole Person Seminar


CauseHealth organised an informal seminar at Son Spa Hotel on 7-8 September 2017. The aim of the meeting was to facilitate real conversations and get away from the typical academic meeting with presentations and Q&A sessions. The invited collaborators spent two days together in the beautiful scenery of Son, discussing whole person medicine, with focus on how medicine must change if we want to take it seriously. Questions to discuss were:

Do specialisations, strict compartmentalisation and single disease guidelines reinforce the dualist, reductionist and part-whole thinking in medicine? How could it be done better?


Thursday 7 September             

10:00-11:30        Introduction round: who are we and why are we here?

11:30-12:30        Walk & talk, Sit & chat, or other activities around in the hotel area

12:30-13:30        Lunch.

13:30-14:30        With our best insights: how should medicine change to accommodate it?

14:30-16:30        Serendipity spa, Footbath brainstorm, or other activity of your choice

16:30-17:00        Reflections from the day. Plans for tomorrow.


Friday 8 September

9:30-10:30           Seminar room discussion

10:30-12:30         Walk & talk, Sit & chat, etc.

12:30-13:30         Lunch.

13:30-15:30        Serendipity spa, Footbath brainstorm, etc.

15:30-16:30        Summing up




From left: Wenche Bjorbækmo, Brian Broom, Karin Mohn Engebretsen, Rani Lill Anjum, Kai Brynjar Hagen, Anna Luise Kirkengen, Matthew Low, Bjørn Hofmann, Tobias Gustum Lindstad, Linn Okkenhaug Getz, Alison Broom, Bente Prytz Mjølstad, Henrik Vogt, Eivind Hasvik, Elena Rocca, photo by Samantha Copeland.


Whole Person Reflections Series

Written by participants in the Whole Person Seminar, this series of blog posts reflects upon issues that were discussed by the group during the seminar.

#1 By Brian Broom: Imagination and Its Companions

#2 By Anna Luise Kirkengen: What If… 

#3 By Bente Mjølstad: Does Your Regular GP Know You – As a Person? And If So, Does it Matter?

#4 By Wenche Bjorbækmo: Glasses and Blind Spots: Through the Eyes of a Tester

#5 By Eivind Hasvik: Capturing the Colour: Classsification and its Consequences

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