Our vision

CauseHealth aims to make a change in healthcare, research and policy by placing the individual at the centre for more sustainable health decisions.

Our Mission

CauseHealth is a non-profit centre working to improve how causal evidence is understood, produced and used in health science and practice, through transdisciplinary research, education and communication.

The mission will be carried out through the following sub-projects:

Improving conceptual understanding
what is causality; what is probability; what is complexity; what is evidence; what is knowledge

Improving research methodologies
how to combine different types of evidence; how to establish causality in the single case; how to accommodate context and complexity in risk assessment methodologies

Improving clinical decision-making
evaluation of causal evidence; applying guidelines to the single patient; how to deal with uncertainty, complex causes and medical uniqueness; epistemic injustice and power imbalance of expertise

Improving transdisciplinary dialogue and transparency
analysing expert disagreement; communicating uncertainty of evidence; promoting transdisciplinary networks and collaboration)

Our History

CauseHealth started as a 4 year research project at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) in 2015, with funding from the Research Council of Norway. In collaboration with Uppsala Monitoring Centre since 2019, we continue to carry out our mission with the project CauseHealth Risk and Safety.

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