Podcast episodes

A meta-podcast on complexity – by Evie Martin and Bill Taylor for PhysiosOnline

“Inspired by the Words Matter podcast’s Cause Health Series, Bill Taylor and Evie Martin discuss their reactions to the ideas presented in the podcast. They discuss how they think the biopsychosocial model has influenced physiotherapy practice for better or worse, and how we can “move beyond” it in clinic, as suggested by the Cause Health project.”

A discussion about the Words Matter podcast episode on complexity. PhysiosOnline YouTube channel

What’s your philosophical bias? Evie Martin takes the test

Rani Lill Anjum is determined to identify the philosophical biases of Evie Martin, Physios Online

‘Medically Unexplained Symptoms’ with Roger Kerry & Jack Chew – Physio Matters podcast

Listen here

The Thinking Voice podcast

by Dr Jenevora Williams, Robert Sussuma and Stephen King. The podcast is all about exploring the human voice through open conversation…

All episodes here
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