Elena Rocca and Rani Lill Anjum

Photo: UMC

Research Team

  • Fredrik Andersen Philosopher of Science at HIOF, Norway, specialising on evidence evaluation, decision-making, ethics and basic assumptions in science and medicine.
  • Rani Lill Anjum Philosopher and Founder of the NMBU Centre for Applied Philosophy of Science at NMBU, Norway, specialising on causality, probability and complexity in science and medicine.
  • Samantha Copeland Philosopher of Ethics and Technology at TU Delft, the Netherlands, and Co-founder of the Serendipity Society, specialising in scientific discovery and expertise, and clinical research ethics.
  • Lisa Dive is a philosophically trained bioethicsist with a PhD in the epistemology of mathematics and an MPhil in the value of autonomy in health care, who now works primarily in the ethics of genomics and screening, with emphasis on the epistemic and ethical aspects of medicine and health care.
  • Ivor Ralph Edwards Professor of Medicine, Senior Advisor and former Director for Uppsala Monitoring Centre, trained in general internal medicine and clinical pharmacology and working in clinical toxicology and causal evaluation.
  • Karin Mohn Engebretsen Clinical Psychotherapist with a PhD in phenomenological and humanistic psychology from University of Oslo, Norway, specialising on burnout and medically unexplained symptoms.
  • Kai Brynjar Hagen General Practitioner, District Medical Officer for communicable diseases, Senior Consultant at the Regional Centre for Morbid Obesity in North Norway, Advising Senior Consultant in the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), interested in person centred care, core causes of obesity, and ecological thinking from individual to health policy.
  • Roger Kerry Chartered Physiotherapist and Associate Professor of Physiotherapy at University of Nottingham, UK, with a PhD in Philosophy, specialising on causation, dispositions and the ontological and epistemological basis of evidence-based medicine.
  • Tobias Gustum Lindstad Clinical Psychologist educated from University of Oslo, Norway, with background from community based primary care services, secondary public mental health care and private practice, writing on the relevance of epistemology and metaphysis for psychotherapy and psychotherapy research.
  • Matthew Low Consultant Physiotherapist in the NHS and is a Visiting Associate at the Orthopaedic Research Institute at Bournemouth University, UK, working on the philosophy and practice of person-centred care, causal complexity of pain and critical clinical reasoning.
  • Hanne Oddli Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Oslo, Norway, interested in the integration of knowledge and practice, qualitative approaches and transdisciplinary collaboration and methodological pluralism in psychotherapy research.
  • Christine Price Patient advocate in England, UK, developing resources and tools to support people living with persistent pain, and their healthcare professionals, in social media, blogs, podcasts, webinars, training courses, interviews and publications.
  • Elena Rocca Multi-disciplinary Researcher, at NMBU, Norway, trained in pharmacy and molecular medicine, specialising in philosophical bias in science and medicine, with emphasis on causality assessment, risk evaluation and methodological pluralism.
  • John-Arne Skolbekken Professor of Health Science at NTNU, Norway, specialising in medical risk communication and perception, and in the ethics, epistemology and psychological outcomes of medical screening.

Senior Advisors

  • Brian Broom Trained in both Internal Medicine and Psychotherapy, and, until recently, Clinical Immunologist at Auckland City Hospital and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Psychotherapy at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, with four decades devoted to exploring the roles of life experience, human relations, and meaning in physical illness, and training clinicians in the practice of ‘whole person-centred’ medicine and healthcare.
  • Kit Byatt Patient-centred clinician struggling to find the patient’s voice among the experts’ data and systems’ bureaucracies, and the evidence’s signals among the publications’ noise.
  • Linn Okkenhaug Getz Professor of Medicine at NTNU, Norway, working on the relational aspects of the human biology, and with extensive clinical background from general practice, psychiatry and occupational medicine in Norway and Iceland.
  • Anna Luise Kirkengen Research Professor (Senior Researcher) in General Practice at NTNU, Norway, and former General Practitioner over 30 years, exploring, synthesising, and teaching transdisciplinary knowledge about the long-term health impact of lived childhood adversity and lifetime toxic stress.
  • Marie Lindquist Senior Advisor and former Director of the Uppsala Monitoring Centre, Sweden, with extensive experience within all areas of pharmacovigilance, including data management, classifications and terminologies, signal detection methodology and drug safety research.
  • Michael Loughlin Professor of Applied Philosophy & leader of the MSc in Person Centred Health and Social Care, University of West London, UK, specialising on the relationship between knowledge, science and value in clinical practice and working to promote humanism in medicine and a genuinely person centred and values-based healthcare.
  • Stephen Mumford Professor of Philosophy at Durham University, UK, specialising in metaphysics (causality, laws, dispositions), philosophy of sports and philosophy of medicine, with current research applying complexity theory to public health and the connections between metaphysics and politics.
  • Eugenio Paci Retired MD and Epidemiologist, who has worked as Director of the Unit of Descriptive and Clinical Epidemiology at ISPO, Florence, Italy, Director of the Cancer Registry of the Tuscany Region, national secretary of the Italian Association of Cancer Registries and scientific director of the Italian journal Epidemiologia Prevenzione.
  • Steven Vogel Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research at the University College of Osteopathy, UK, Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, and previous member of low back pain NICE Guideline Development Groups, interested in (a.o.) patient reported outcomes, self-management rehabilitation strategies, safety events and psychologically informed practice.

Education and Communication Partners

Our Transdisciplinary Networks with Joint Publications

The CauseHealth Network
Publication: Rethinking Causality, Complexity and Evidence for the Unique Patient. A CauseHealth Resource for Healthcare Professionals and the Clinical Encounter, Springer Open 2020

The Erice Working Group
Publication: Erice Call for Change: Utilising Patient Experiences to Enhance the Quality and Safety of Healthcare, Drug Safety 2020

Global Causation in Medicine Network
Publication: Medical scientists and philosophers worldwide appeal to EBM to expand the notion of ‘evidence’, BMJ Evidence Based Medicine 2020

The Critical Physio Network
Publication: Mobilizing Knowledge in Physiotherapy. Critical Reflections on Foundations and Practices, Routledge 2020

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