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CauseHealth YouTube channel
Videos by JackAChew and 

Causation and scientific methods in medicine and beyond Video of lecture in Edinburgh, Rani Lill Anjum

Causation in science. The philosophical challenge. Talk plus interview Video from lecture in Nottingham, The CauseHealth Physio event, Rani Lill Anjum

Rani Lill Anjum discusses Causation and Correlation – A Smart Drug Smarts podcast

What Evidence? Whose Evidence? And On What Basis? Rani Lill Anjum on what’s wrong with evidence-based medicine for The Philosophers’ Magazine

Causation in Scientific Methods – A BJPS blog by Rani Lill Anjum

Er vi på vei bort fra evidensbasert medisin? Se foredraget Rani Lill Anjum holdt på Medisinsk Filosofisk Forum Nord i april 2017.

NMBU Researchers, A Quick Introduction to Causation – Interview with Stephen Mumford and Rani Lill Anjum


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