Social causes?

Reflection by Frank Zenker on N=1Campus34

Interesting, stimulating, in fact fun, if passing so very quickly! What struck me most about the n=1 workshop was the insight, itself completely new to me, that causal relations relevant to individual human health might have to be formulated not, or not only, at the micro-biological and the quantum-physical level, but also, and perhaps especially, at the social level, that is, using predicates which describe how the individual, and the health of its physical organism, interacts with other organisms, competing with others for such medically seemingly irrelevant resources as respect, self-direction, or social standing.

That insight, which arrived more as an aside rather than a focal topic, opens an array of possibilities that seemingly connect to a day and age, itself not terribly long gone, where medicine and rhetoric, for instance, had still been explicitly intertwined.

Needless to say, there is work to be done here. An eye-opener, for me at least. Much appreciated. And sure enough, that meeting put the right crowd together, from many disciplines, and fully managing to converse with one another. More meetings like this one would, indeed, be a very good thing!

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