Are physiotherapists the new philosophers? CauseHealth 2016

Reflections from the CauseHealth Physio conference in Nottingham in May, guest blog.


260 Here’s where it happened: The Galleries of Justice Museum, in the trendy Lace Market area of Nottingham

I can’t remember why I raced to book a ticket to the CauseHealth Conference in Nottingham in May.  It might have been because it only cost £35 (lunch included!), it might have been because lots of keen-minded people I follow on twitter were excited about it (sports physio Adam Meakins, Neil Maltby, Chews Health…), it might be because the word philosophy excites my brain, but whatever the reasons I found myself walking into an old wood-panelled courtroom, (usually a museum) in Nottingham’s Lace Market, not having a clue what it was going to be about.  All I knew was that I suspected it was at the cutting edge of health care, particularly for manual therapists.  And I was right.  It was intense, it was highly learned, it was powerful and I couldn’t take…

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