The Person-Centred Care of Medically Unexplained Symptoms – a revolution is afoot

Another great summary of one of our events by @osteofm! So glad she could attend and give such a fab review 🙂 (pssst check out her blog, there are other great posts there)


A one day symposium, at St George’s, University of London, 28 September 2016. 

A collaboration between the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare, and the CauseHealth Project.

OK.  Take a deep breath.  I just did.  Because on opening my notebook to begin trying to make sense of this amazing one-day Symposium in London, I have discovered that I took 32 pages of notes.  And I didn’t even get everything down.  Yes it was packed with intellectual stimulation,  organized by the exciting CauseHealth people, in collaboration with the ESPCH, who are all very brainy and who are exploring a field so fascinating, far-reaching and multi-layered that it’s not easy to even define.  There was politics, philosophy, taxonomy, research, education, neurology, psychology, croissants.  What’s not to like?  So prepare yourself.  As blogs go, this is a long one.

Andrew Miles– (please forgive the absence of titles and letters for…

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