Better Evidence for Better Healthcare Manifesto: the CauseHealth Perspective.

The “Better Evidence for Better Healthcare Manifesto” initiative was recently launched by the Oxford Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM) in collaboration with the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

The manifesto is motivated by a series of problems and blind spots in the implementation of EBM: lack of high quality evidence, systematic research errors, under-reporting of harm, insufficient inclusion of patient’s priorities are some of the issues named by the Manifesto’s promoters. The purpose of the initiative is to spot what could be changed and how, in order to improve the current situation.

An official manifesto will be finalized in June 2017 during the Evidence Live conference, but for the moment, it is open to contributions and feedbacks. The final document will reflect received inputs, and will be signed by everyone who took part in its development.

As a parallel contribution to this initiative, CauseHealth is going to compose a list of measures that in our view need to be implemented if we want to have a better, long lasting healthcare. Our list will add to the list suggested by CEBM.

In our final CauseHealth perspective, we wish to reflect the view of our collaborators. We are here opening a series of blog posts aimed to answer the question:

“What do we need to create effective long-term changes for better healthcare?”

We have invited our collaborators to participate in this series with a short blog post. The series will stop in May, when all the contributions will be collected in the CauseHealth contribution to the Manifesto.

You are welcome to follow the discussion, and take part in it, on this page starting in the next few days!

Author: CauseHealth

CauseHealth - Causation, Complexity and Evidence in Health Sciences

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