Carrying on the N=1 Discussion

By Samantha Copeland NBVU-000303

Participants have agreed that the January 12-13 workshop, N=1 Causal Reasoning and Evidence for Clinical Practice, jointly held by CauseHealth and Trinity at NMBU, was a success!  This was due to the active and engaged participation of our speakers as well as others who came to be a part of our audience and discussions. We’d first like to thank everyone who presented and, equally important, everyone who shared their ideas and expertise with us by participating in the workshop. Continue reading “Carrying on the N=1 Discussion”

The CauseHealth and Trinity workshop “N=1 – causal reasoning in clinical practice”

by Elena Rocca

The workshop “N=1 – causal reasoning in clinical practice” was a perfect start of the new year for the CauseHealth friends. On the 12th of January the NMBU University campus in Ås welcomed us with a beautiful snowy landscape, and authentic Norwegian winter. Continue reading “The CauseHealth and Trinity workshop “N=1 – causal reasoning in clinical practice””

The first CauseHealth meeting

By Samantha Copeland

This CauseHealth network meeting brought together philosophers, medical practitioners and researchers in the health sciences to share their perspectives on human health and illness. Read about the first meeting in their guest editorial for the European Journal for Person Centered Healthcare. Continue reading “The first CauseHealth meeting”